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Q: How private is the property?
  • Sandy Maple Cottage is located by Haliburton Lake, within the region of Haliburton Highlands. This splendor beauty spreads over the surface area of 2,502 acres with nearly 19 miles of secluded shoreline, providing ample relaxation space, peace, privacy, and year round activities to many. Our cottage is neatly tucked in a gigantic and breathtaking surrounding with resemblance of majestic Scottish Highlands, and comes well-equipped with a private dock and large waterfront.  This 3,000 Square Feet beauty of ours is committed to help you create happy and beautiful memories from day one.​

Q: Will we need to bring dishes and cutlery? Pots and pans?
  • We provide everything you need in the kitchen except consumables. Having said that, you may know your guests and your cooking better than anyone else. Please feel free to bring along whatever you deemed necessary. 

Q: Is the tap water safe to drink?
  • Yes, our tap water is filtered. Still, we respect everyone may have their personal preference. You are welcome to bring packs / bottled water if you wish to.

Q: Will linens/towels be provided?
  • For an additional fee, we will provide full sets of linens and towels at your convenience.  In order to save you the cost, we suggest you to bring your own bed sheets, pillow cases and towels, etc.  We provide blankets, comforters, and pillows.

Q: What household appliances and entertainment are there at the cottage?
  • Fridge, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, a BBQ on propane, TV, DVD, Satellite Dish, Wi-Fi, Pool Table, Hockey Nets, Books & Boards entertainments, a Kayak, a Paddle Boat, and a Canoe.

Q: Do you have air conditioning?
  • YES! In fact, we are one of the few that supplies A/C in the area!  The user-friendly thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature at your convenience when the weather gets cooler in the evening.

Q: Can we bring our pet?
  • Please inquire about our pet policy with the owners—this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can we smoke in the cottage?
  • NO, we ask smokers to smoke outside. Cannabis is restricted in all cottage areas.  We are adamant about this request.

Q: Can we set off fireworks at the cottage?
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited unless they are set off during specified long weekends.  Here is the Algonquin Highlands bylaw regarding fireworks:

    • "The bylaw relegates the setting off of fireworks to New Year’s Eve, the Victoria Day weekend, Canada Day, as well as the weekend either preceding or following Canada Day, depending on where during the week Canada Day falls; the Civic Holiday weekend and the Labour Day long weekend. With the exception of New Year’s Eve, the permissible time for the setting off of fireworks is between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. On New Year’s Eve, fireworks may be set off between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m."

Q: Can we set up outdoor fires during any time of the day?
  • Daytime burning in the firepits is not allowed.  Here is the Algonquin Highlands bylaw regarding outdoor fires and burning:

    • "Effective April 1 until October 31st, daytime burning is prohibited in Algonquin Highlands. This means no outdoor fires between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. No burning allowed at all if a fire ban is in effect."

Q: Is the lake water nice to swim in? Is there a shallow area for young children?
  • Swimming and other water activities are fun when you vacation at the meeting point between two premium lakes, Haliburton Lake. As one of the great and largest lakes in the county, she is famous  for her natural clean sandy beach, deep water, rich ecosystems, and well-equipped with two public boat launch and beach areas.

  • The lakefront starts fairly shallow and gets deeper gradually. As much as visually seemed to be of low risk, still, being on the safe side, we suggest you to never leave minors (and pets) unattended.  

  • Kindly consider bringing along aqua shoes (particularly for young children)

Q: Is there good fishing on Halibuton Lake?
  • Yes, being in the Great Lakes Basin and part of the Gull River system, Haliburton Lake has plenty of room for numerous healthy populations of aquatic life.

  • Anglers will reel in plenty of fishes such as trout, bass, herring, pumpkinseed, spottail shiner, blunt nose minnow, pearl dace, trout perch, gold shiner, white sucker, burbot, brown bull-head, rock bass, yellow perch, and whitefish.

  • You may also find a few other species that generally spawn in Percy Lake. This is due to the Gull River flow that runs through these Lake chains of Haliburton Lake, Percy Lake and Moose Lake.

  • Kindly consider bringing your own professional fishing gear if you are up to catching!


​Q: Can I do active sports on Haliburton Lake (such as water-skiing, ice-hockey, skating, snowmobiling, etc)?
  • With maximum depth of 180 feet and a mean depth of 57 feet, Haliburton Lake makes excellent partners with our Sandy Maple Cottage in entertaining you and your guests all year round.

Q: Should we bring our own life jackets?
  • Yes. We provide quite a few unisize life jackets, but for your safety, we ask you to bring your own life jackets as they normally prove to fit you properly.

Q: How close is the nearest hospital? Grocery store? Other shopping?
  • Haliburton hospital is about a 20 minute drive away from Sandy Maple Cottage, right by the Haliburton Village. A selection of restaurants, LCBO outlet, grocery stores, (including 24 Hours open Supermarket), and other specialty shops are available in the village.

Q: Is there a public boat launch and can I dock at the cottage?
  • Yes. There are a total of 2 Public Boat Launch Sites on Haliburton Lake.  The closest one to us is about 3 minutes away and visually feasible from our lakefront. This launch site is located by the middle stream of Haliburton Lake at: 1245 Hodgson Road (or Drive), ON, K0M 1M0.

Q: I have more people in my party than the occupancy level permits, can an exception be made? 
  • The maximum occupancy level of 12 people is set based on wear and tear on the cottage through the rental season, water levels/septic system size, and the number the guests feel comfortable with having during their stay. Please consult the owner for further discussion.

Q: Do I have to clean the cottage?
  • Yes, it is the responsibility of every renter to clean the cottage at the end of their stay. Cleaning supplies and equipment are available for you at the cottage and our onsite team will perform the pre-arrival and post-departure inspection of the cottage to ensure everything has been left in clean and working order for you and our next guests comfort and enjoyment.  Alternatively, kindly inquire about our professional cleaning service should you wish to have a cleaning-hassle-free vacation.

Q: Can I have visitors / guests at the cottage?
  • If you have visitors / guests that you would like to have visit during the day or stay overnight (and does not exceed the occupancy level for the cottage), please contact our office to have them added to your application.  For the safety of you, your guests and others who come after you, only registered occupants are allowed in the property. Violators will be evicted without refund or an additional nightly charge of $150 per person.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
  • If you have to cancel, we will make every effort to rebook the cottage for you. If successful, all money paid to date of cancellation will be refunded less a $200.00 cancellation fee. If we are unsuccessful, all money paid to date of cancellation will be forfeited to the company.​


Q: What is there to do in the area?
  • There are so many activities to enjoy while you are vacationing at the cottage.  

    • Facilities & Activities in the Summer include relaxing on our hammocks, swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boating, water-jetting, Jet-skiing, golfing, and access to Haliburton Village, Summer Events and so on.  

    • In the Winter: Our generous landscape, in addition to being in near proximity to Sir Sam Skiing resort and Haliburton Village, gives you access to numerous winter sports and activities from Tobogganing, Sledding, Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross-country Skiing, Ice-Hockey playing, Ice Fishing, Ice-Skating, Snowmobiling, Sleigh-riding, Snowshoeing, to getting a warm dinner and enjoying tap dancing by the village!

  • Please feel free to visit our “Things to Do” page to help you plan your vacation.

Q: Are we able to get the address to the cottage to view it prior to renting?
  • For privacy, security, and insurance reasons of the guests who are or will be staying there, we are unable to give out the cottage address prior to your final payment. Our website gives a detailed description of the cottage as well as numerous inside and outside photos allowing you to see our cottage.

Q: What do I do if there is a problem when I'm at the cottage?
  • If there is a problem (including any wear and tear) when you arrive at the cottage or throughout your stay, please contact us or your emergency contact to let us know so we can try to rectify the problem for you. If you wait to let us know after you get home, not only are we unable to rectify the problem for you and for the next renters going in, we also can not clear your group from the benefit of doubt.

Q: What do I do with my garbage?
  • Everything you bring to the cottage has to be disposed of one way or another, including garbage and recyclables. A cleaning checklist will be provided upon your final payment to assist you in planning. Cleaning supplies could be conveniently found in the cottage as well. Alternatively, please contact our office for “Garbage Removal” assistance.

​Q: What if I forgot to dispose my garbage?
  • That is alright, we are all human. Kindly contact our office for “Garbage Removal” assistance.


Q: How do I get the keys and directions to the cottage?
  • The information will be provided upon the completion of final payment.

Q: Why do you require my Home Owners or Rental Content Insurance?
  • This is a privately owned vacation rental property that is strictly covered by Liability Insurance only. For all party fairness, your Home Owners or Rental Content Insurance is required in case of any Negligent Damages. Please let us know if you have any further concern.

Q: Where can I find the Booking Application?
  • Please contact us to request the application.

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